Friday, September 25, 2009

I won't date a girl who wears this ring

I hate these rings (see picture below). Every time I encounter one of these rings it's worn by a chick who claims her Irish heritage like it's something she earned (And then they have to explain it, "if it's worn one way, it means I'm single, but this way means I love someone"...) Don't get me wrong, I'm all for being proud of your heritage when your people did something to be proud about. But the Irish haven't done shit. Or maybe they have, but all their descendants living in America only focus on alcohol consumption. "Woo, I'm Irish, that means I can drink, St Patrick's Day is the best, drinking is cool and my genetics make me superior in that regard than your genetics". I can't count how many times I've heard that EXACT phrase on March 17th. Probably like a Trillion.
Here's my thing. These people are not Irish. They've never been to Ireland, from what I gather they don't celebrate any Irish customs (other than St Patrick's Day). They're just associated with people who did all that shit.

Let me make an example using Harry Potter.

Your Father and Mother are wizards (technically your mom would be a witch, whatever). They studied magic, have respectable magic-type jobs in Diagon Alley. You on the other hand have no powers. You're all grown up, having gone to Muggle School and you have a muggle job and a muggle wife. It's pretty safe to say you're not a fucking wizard. You don't have the powers, you've never been to Hogwarts and you don't celebrate Wizard Holidays (well, maybe the major ones but not the minor ones).

To me, it's the same thing. People are always proud of shit they didn't do. "Well, my Native American ancestors... blah blah blah". Yeah, I'm happy for you, but your great great uncle who's 1/4 Cherokee is wondering why you can't get those French Fries to table 8.

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